About Us

Beijing Zhongjiao Anxue (ZJAX) Education & Technology Co.Ltd aims to build a trustworthy eco-system for international educational services. We are committed to developing a full-suite, one-step international educational service network that extends both upstream and downstream of the industry. Drawing on our extensive network of overseas and domestic institutions and market advantages, we are providing professional services to Chinese students, international educational service providers and overseas institutions.  

The Company currently has two website platforms and multiple Apps. www.liuxue315.edu.cn provides both B2C and C2B services. And C2C study overseas consulting by newgoal.cn. We work with overseas institutions that pass our screening, and provide marketing support and refer potential customers to them. Apps, based on mobile devices provide interactive services to students, institutions, study abroad service providers and HR specialists.

The Company is the only one high-tech enterprise in the international educational services industry recognized by the Chinese government, and was candidate in the Innovate Fund of the Chinese Ministry of Technology and Beijing Technology Committee’s 2015 Technological Services program.

We aim to

  • Become the most professional international educational service provider, and help students in self actualization and value creation for the society;
  • Become outstanding partner for overseas educational institutions and uphold their reputations in the Chinese market;
  • Help organizational and individual international educational service providers achieve success with our market and technological advantages, sustained resources and industry-wide credit system.

We are convinced that as a business, we have responsibilities to advance the industry and contribute to the society as a whole.


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